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Believe you can and you're halfway there

–Theodore Roosevelt –

What is skills training and how can IMPACT help you?

Skills coaching focuses on developing specific skills and competencies. When group training is not what you are looking for and you want more flexible and individual help, skills coaching can help you in the areas of communication, leadership, time management, presentation skills, negotiation, stress management, assertiveness or problem solving.

But we can also address here very specifically your individual questions like dealing with your supervisor, a specific client or college or conducting a good evaluation interview. IMPACT helps you improve your skills, learn new skills, increase your self-confidence and function even more effectively in your personal and professional life.

Our coaches offer feedback, exercises, tools and techniques to support you in your development and growth. For example, personality questionnaires can be used to better understand your current 

These coaching sessions can take place face to face, in-company or at IMPACT's office, as well as online.

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