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What our clients say...


Valerie Hollevoets

HR Assistant

"The assessments carried out are correct and have a clear final conclusion that we are happy to follow. We hope to be able to work together for many more years.”


Heidi Werckx

Site Manager

"Down-to-earth, hands-on communication and management training for the entire management team. The honest, open approach with lots of feedback options and a touch of humour made this coaching ideal.”


Veerle Schouwers

Expert Talent development

“Working with IMPACT is a pleasure. I always sense this flexibility in building customised solutions together. Their training courses are pragmatic and the content can be brought into use right away. Internal clients come away from a day or a course with these external parties with a grin and a lot of material. I definitely recommend them.” 


Peter Destexhe

Head of Prevention, Security and Facilty services Department

"A driven trainer who can impart the necessary communication skills to our employees. The empathy demonstrated is also a bonus for maximum impact!”


Boudewijn Herbots

Training responsible

"What makes the desert so beautiful is that it is hiding a spring somewhere. What makes IMPACT so beautiful is that it is the spring.”


Ann Beenaerts

HR Assistant

"Smooth collaboration in which we had positive contact with administration, trainers and coaches. They are open to innovation and are flexible regarding the client’s needs.”


Kaatje Thijs

HR Officer

“Materialise has worked with IMPACT for the Project Management training course for some time now. We keep getting positive evaluations and, having participated in this training course myself, I can only add to these positive evaluations. IMPACT fits in well with the group and is always open to questions and any possible points of improvement.”


An Van Eynde

HR Consultant

“We are enthusiastic about the collaboration with IMPACT: this worked out in an extremely professional, active and constructive manner. In addition, the entire time there was a good balance present between informing us as a company on the one hand and keeping the necessary confidentiality between the coach and IMPACT on the other.”


Birgit Van Aken

Learning Academy Coordinator

“Our courses, organised by IMPACT, were always delivered perfectly: everything according to agreement, excellent preparation and follow-up and naturally very solid in terms of content. Both the employer and staff are very satisfied participants!”

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