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Our HR consulting activities range from project-based HR support for a specific topic to defining a strategic Human Resources policy. We can conduct an in-depth analysis of the current HR practices and define an improvement plan based on an HR scan.


For all steps that employees go through during their career within a company (the "employee life cycle"), our consultants can offer pragmatic and tailor-made solutions and support:

Saying goodbye

  • Exit interviews and follow up

  • Off boarding programs

  • Implementing a retention policy

  • Dismissal support

  • Career coaching

  • Preparation to retirement

  • ...


  • Defining the recruitment strategy

  • Selection & Assessment

  • Referral policy

  • Reference Check

  • ...


  • Implementing an onboarding program

  • Setting up an introduction program

  • Defining a buddy program

  • ...

Engagement & Motivation

  • Customized Motivation survey and follow up

  • Implementing a retention policy

  • Pro-active end of career management

  • Age-conscious personnel policy

  • Workable work

  • Diversity management

  • Presence policy & absenteeism

  • ...

Feedback, Reward & Recognition​

  • Development, Implementation and follow up of customized 360 feedback questionnaires

  • Implementing a performance culture

  • Implementing bonus systems

  • Defining performance bases remunartion

  • Potential appraisal

  • ...

Training & development

  • Talent Management for Management potential and specialists (‘Subject Matter Experts’)

  • Development Centers

  • Soft skills training

  • Individual Coaching

  • Defining competence and skill matrixes

  • Setting up individual development plans

  • Creating Training plans

  • ...

Our consultants can help your organization in setting up and implementing one or more of these topics.

Of course we are also capable to provide long term support to define and roll out an integral customized HR policy.

Contact us for more information, an appointment or quote without obligation.

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