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Impact offers extensive assessments for:


1.    The development and supervision of employees (in their current jobs)

2.    A broader potential assessment of employees (future possibilities/options – talent management)

3.    The selection of the right internal or external candidate

4.    The intellectual and intrinsic capacities of employees

Before focusing on the candidate’s assessment, we examine the corporate culture and gain a better idea of the company and work environment of the person involved. Together we set out the evaluation criteria in terms of personality, skills, values, motivation, intelligence and conduct.


A complete assessment takes up half a day and includes:


  • A structured interview that assesses the candidate’s experience, motivation and ambitions.

  • A scientific series of tests that includes

    • General IQ test or parts of it.

    • EQi test (the so-called emotional intelligence test)

    • Personality tests

supplemented with professional skills tests, specific knowledge tests, language testing ....

Impact finds you that one-in-a-million employee.

Do you want your current employees to grow, or are you looking for the right people for your organisation? Then you’ve come to the right place for your HR assessments.

  • Video simulation exercises with cases from the candidate’s (possible) future work environment

  • Reference research


The assessments can also be put together as modules, by mutual consultation. By combining the modules above, we maximise validity, reliability and predictability. Depending on your needs, individual modules can be selected for testing and consultation.

Reporting can be:

  • digital or oral, and as detailed as required

  • include the generic competencies or values of the company

  • include the most relevant tips, education or supervision for the candidate in question

  • provide instruction for the immediate supervisor

This customisation can give you the information you need and the price can be adjusted, for example when a limited assessment is requested.


For us, the short turnaround time of tasks is very important. We like to take the urgency of the task and the candidate’s availability into consideration when scheduling the assessment. Our organisation allows us to be able to schedule assessments for after office hours or during weekends. After an assessment, the client immediately receives oral feedback, after which the digital report follows within the time agreed.


IMPACT has been a certified recruitment and selection agency for 25 years and keeps to the prescribed codes of conduct.

Contact us for more information, an appointment or quote without obligation.

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