While some of them did not live by it, every Roman knew the phrase ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Unfortunately in today’s sedentary times, sports and exercise are not given enough space in our lives, which is a pity as only fit and healthy employees ensure a fit and healthy organisation. This is why we offer a variety of training modules to companies and private individuals, all of which can be shaped to fit the client’s needs.

Exercise for employees with sedentary work has positive mental and physical health effects. Physical activity also lowers the risk of chronic diseases and has a positive effect on their course.


In addition to this, a more active lifestyle for employees can have all kinds of positive work-related effects, such as a lower absenteeism and turnover, less chance of stress symptoms, fewer neck and back complaints, more energy and concentration and higher work satisfaction.


A more active lifestyle can be done by exercising for an hour every day, but it is also possible through small adjustments to your daily (work) habits.


Small group training

Personal Coaching

Targeted group training

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