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Coaching Is Unlocking A Person's Potential To Maximize Their Personal Growth

- John Whitmore -

Why mental coaching?

Coaching is always expanding the field of vision.  


Unexpected or unconscious, but spontaneous statements, do sometimes provide a different perspective on underlying beliefs, which then fundamentally affect how people function. Even highly motivated and capable people sometimes encounter invisible obstacles. Discovering these obstacles often leads to new opportunities for the employee but also for the organization. Proactive coaching (e.g. in a changing environment, new job, ...) and prevention is in many cases more effective than having to cure.

During our coaching programs, the person involved will be given the opportunity to further develop professionally and individually in aspects that can be provided by both him and the organization.


Thanks to the right guidance, new insights and behaviors emerge in those involved, allowing them to address specific behaviors or reframe limiting beliefs. The goal of individual coaching is that through the growth of the coachee, both the person involved and his organization reap the benefits of better adapted behavior, better cooperation and better results.


The form of such a process can vary depending on the duration, intensity and content, because we link that form to the wishes and additional questions of both the client and the coachee. The content of coaching conversations is extremely diverse, but common questions have to do with dealing with one's own or others' communication style (assertiveness, submissiveness, aggressiveness, emotionality, bullying...), dealing with work pressure (stress, prioritization, work-life balance...), and not realizing certain ideas or goals.

Coaching through IMPACT can be requested both individually and in addition to or complementary to trainings.

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