Tutoring and study supervision for secondary education

Coaching and training adults is commonplace these days and IMPACT has 25 years of experience in the field. As it seems odd to us that people would not consider personal interests and competencies until a later stage in life, we now also work with youth who attend secondary school. This phase is a crucial period in life when things often become much clearer if you obtain insight into your interests and talents sooner rather than later.

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Our individual support (tutoring, study supervision, interest and competency analyses, etc.) ensure that that every young person can receive additional training at his or her own pace to:

  • improve school results

  • learn study methods

  • increase motivation

  • get to know themselves better (talents, opportunities, limitations, etc.)


With this newly acquired self-confidence and insight, they can then make the right choices for their further studies or career.

In consultation with parents, they can then choose to take:

  • A career insight questionnaire (what subjects they’d like to study, develop or work with in the future, etc.)

  • the EQ-i (social and emotional skills, fear of failure)

  • general skills analysis

Our specialised teachers can set the right focus in a friendly and homely atmosphere for weekly sessions or when nearing examination periods:

  • we know our subjects and have practical experience working with young people

  • we have experience with learning disabilities and ASDs

  • we communicate with parents about the child’s needs and development

Because, as you know, well begun is half done. And that goes for education, too!​​

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